The Peutinger Table. Reproduction by Conradi Millieri — Ulrich Harsch Bibliotheca Augustana.

Thoughts on consumer fintech

I spent three years as a Design Lead at Cash App. During my time there we saw a substantial growth in both active users and revenue, and had the pleasure of helping to build out the Growth team.

A few focuses of my team were new user acquisition and existing user engagement. In simple terms, this meant getting non-Cash App customers to become customers, and getting current customers to become better* ones.

This meant one of the largest challenges we were trying to solve was finding a user who was using Cash App just to pay their roommate back for…

One year ago, almost to the exact date, I was sitting in my off-campus apartment bedroom, applying for product design internships. At the time, I knew very little how important that future internship would be, not only for the summer, but for the rest of my life. I was in my third year of college, attending The Ohio State University, and things were going incredible; I had an amazing group of friends that were like family to me, my classes were more-or-less painless, and my gymnastics teammates and I were getting ready to enter our conference championship-winning season. Life seemed…

A look back on yesterday’s attack on Ohio State

The tragedy that transpired yesterday just before 10:00am came as a shock to everyone. You wake up in the morning, prepare to go to class, and expect it to be an ordinary day just like the 70 other days that semester. This is what the victims of yesterday’s attack thought as well, but that all changed when [name redacted to avoid celebrifying the attacker] attacked not just the 11 people injured, but the entire Ohio State community.

There’s a somber mood on campus today. People are shaken up, students are scared walking to class, witnesses keep replaying yesterday’s events in…

Brandon Jacoby

Designer, Advisor, and Angel Investor. Previously was Design Lead at Cash App, focusing on Growth. NYC by way of LA.

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